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Is The Canadian Spirit

At XPHORIA we do not go out of our way to make overt claims about our spirits. We do, however, humbly appreciate the votes of excellence from those who taste the difference. Our spirits have garnered much praise from respected authorities from across the industry.  We extend respectful thanks to those who most recently bestowed awards on XPHORIA at The 2018 WSWA Tasting Competition held at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas and The 2017 WSWA Tasting Competition held in Orlando, Florida.
Our beginning was motivated in search for better spirits. The solution was simple: start with a superior tasting vodka with unmatched quality and smoothness. We sought out the best ingredients to craft the ultimate vodka for a classic martini or tonic mix. Today, we carry that inspiration and innovation to design every spirit in the XPHORIA family. 
Our spirits are made from corn and the finest pure filtered Canadian spring water using an innovative proprietary 5-Pass filtration process to deliver award-winning, smooth and crisp spirits. We craft dry, medium-body spirits with a creamy feel and spicy notes and scents. Click here to view Full Presentation.
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